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What is Konnakol?

Konnakol is the art of recitation of ‘solkattu’ which are the vocal syllables of the mridangam. The word comes from Koni (to recite) in Telugu.

This word was adopted in the Tamil language and joined to ‘Kol’ (to rule).

Konnakol is used as a reference for all Carnatic music. The mridangam being the most versatile of the Carnatic percussion instruments, Konnakol is closely allied with the sounds of the mridangam. It is an integral part of the training for a mridangist.

Konnakol is used extensively in dance music of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. It is interspersed in the songs used in the performance and often leads the mridangam.

Did you know…

John McLaughlin is said to use Konnakol as an aid in composing.

Where it’s from

South India

Listen to Konnakol

Performer Name Bangalore R Prathap
Musical Tradition South, Carnatic

In concert

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