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The National Youth Orchestra
for Indian Music

Open to musicians
aged 12 to 18

The National Choir for
Indian Music

Perfect for vocalists
aged 14 to 25

Indian Music Ensemble

 Invites musicians
playing at an advanced level
aged 18 to 35

  • The Ensembles are back!

    The Ensembles are back!

    If you’re a musician aged 10 – through to a professional level, we want to hear from you!

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Join us

We warmly welcome aspiring musicians to join one of our ensembles!

If you’re trained in Indian Classical music and reside in the UK, we would love to hear your talent and welcome you into one of our ensembles.

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Join us for an unparalleled musical journey unlike any other. Help us empower young musicians with exceptional performance opportunities, advanced training, and career development in Indian Classical music.

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