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SABRANG is the National Choir for Indian Music in the UK. Founded in 2016, it aims to create a platform for Vocalists to be a part of an innovative tradition of Indian Choral Music with an exclusive repertoire.

Join Sabrang

We’re excited to welcome you to Sabrang! This is your opportunity to join an exceptional journey with the premier national Indian music youth choir. At Sabrang, we provide young vocalists in the UK with a dynamic and supportive environment to grow, perform, and connect through the vibrant world of Indian music.


As a national Indian music youth choir, Sabrang empowers young vocalists with exceptional performance opportunities, advanced training, and career development in Indian music.

Why Sabrang?

  • Performance Prestige: Perform in prestigious professional venues across the country.
  • World-Class Mentorship: Learn from a stellar team of vocal coaches, composers, and conductors.
  • Unique Experiences: Participate in a series of weekend and summer music retreats.
  • Career Pathway: Milap offers opportunities for growth and development at every stage of your journey
  • Collaboration: A chance to meet other Indian vocalists from across the UK, and work with singers from other National choirs as well.

Member Benefits

  • Professional Development: Performance, recording, composing opportunities
  • Collaborative Environment: Collaborate with UK and international youth choirs.
  • Recording Opportunities: Participate in album recordings and develop stage techniques.
  • Skill Enhancement: Gain confidence, communication skills, and choir proficiency.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Engage in the Choir Leaders’ Programme for leadership development.

Awards and Recognition

  • Choir Awards: Includes Choir Leader, Best Attendance, Most Improved Vocalist, and Vocalist of the Year.

Sabrang membership is your gateway to honing your vocal talents, exploring diverse genres, and building lifelong skills in Indian music. Join us and embark on a journey of artistic growth and achievement!


Dive into the lively world of Sabrang through our exciting events! From mesmerizing performances at top-tier venues to immersive workshops and music retreats, our events highlight the exceptional talent and dedication of our young vocalists. Join us and experience the enchantment of Indian music, brought to life by the next generation of stars.

The Sabrang Experience

Uncover what makes Sabrang truly unique through the voices of our gifted vocalists. Hear firsthand how being part of Sabrang has transformed their musical journeys, from honing new skills to performing on celebrated stages. Explore their stories and see how Sabrang nurtures growth, creativity, and lifelong friendships.

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