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Our Art School is run by an incredible group of highly talented, dedicated and professional artists.

Here is a brief intro to each of them:

Kathak – taught by Aditi Sen

The beautiful dance form of Kathak is taught by Aditi Sen. She is a prominent dancer of the present generation in the realm of North Indian Classical Dance in India as well as abroad. She has received extensive training from some of the most talented and skillful teachers such as Srimati Maya Sinha (Mishra), Srimati Saswati Sengupta and Guru Susmita Mishra of the Jaipur Gharana (school or style). Most recently, she has been advancing her own skills and knowledge under the tutelage of renowned Kathak maestro Pandit Rajendra Gangani. She has also performed rigorous Riyaz (practice) under the able guidance of great tabla maestro Pandit Kumar Bose. Aditi always gave formal education a priority along with her dedication to this art form, and ultimately achieved a First Class Masters Degree in Indian Classical Dance (Kathak). Aditi is innovative both as a performer and a teacher, and she has inspired many audiences and students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

There are two levels of Kathak classes available.  Training focuses on theory, aspects of abhniaya (facial expression and emotion) and nritta (dance / movement technique).

Bharatanatyam – taught by Nritya Rammohan

Nrithya Rammohan is a classically trained Bharatanatyam artist who began her dance training at an early age in Chennai, India.  She continues her journey under the guidance of Guru Smt. Revathy Ramachandran. Nrithya’s dance training has been further enhanced by engaging with renowned teachers like Priyadarshini Govind, Bragha Bassell, Praveen Kumar, Divya Ram, to name a few.

In the area of Dance research and academia, Nrithya has recently completed her work – ‘The Natyashashtra & the 108 Karanas’ with Dr. Sujata Mohan, a respected authority in the field.

Nrithya, whose name means Dance, has performed at various prestigious venues across the UK, working and collaborating with a diverse range of organisations. Her notable performances include those at the House of Commons, Inauguration of the Welsh Millennium Centre, International Business Forum at Liverpool on behalf of the Indian High Commission and Melas in Manchester, Cardiff, Hull, and Swansea.

Nrithya’s continuing contribution to dance was recently recognised with the ‘Community Champion Award’ from Asianlite for promoting Indian Dance especially amongst the younger generation of budding dancers.

Tabla – taught by Kousic Sen

Tabla classes are taught by musical maestro Kousic Sen.  He was born into a musical family in Calcutta, showing tremendous talent for Tabla from a very young age. Trained under his father, Late P.L.Sen, then Pt. Biswanath Bose of the Banaras Gharana, and later under Pt. Kumar Bose, Kousic is a vastly experienced tabla artist, and a master of accompanying dance, fusion and classical music. One of the foremost tabla players of his generations, Kousic Sen is a tabla player whose intense and energetic performances add a new dimension to the traditional concert experience. His rhythmic mastery has become known around the globe through his performances with leading musicians in many of the world’s most famous venues.

Kousic joined Milapfest as Artist in Residence in 2014. His role includes teaching at the weekly Arts School, performances in Milapfest concerts around the UK and his role as Percussion Conductor for Samyo and Tarang.

There are three Tabla sessions ranging from beginner to Grade 1.   Training occurs in small groups, giving each student an opportunity to receive focused one-to-one training with Kousic Sen during each class.   Both practical and theoretical aspects of Tabla are covered in this class.

Veena – taught by Prashantini Jeyaraman

Prashanthini is a Veena artiste who has undergone training under the tutelage of Sangeetha Vidwan, Smt Sivatharini Sahadevan from the age of eight. With her guru’s support, she has completed a teaching qualification with the Academy of Fine Arts London and has been teaching in London for the past 8 years. She is also a keen Bharathanatyam dancer and completed her Arangetram under the tutelegae of  Smt. Uma Chandradeva. Prashanthini has also completed her vocal and violin diploma under the tutelage of Shri Kutralam Nagarajan and Smt Thilagasakthi Aaramuthan respectively. Prashanthini is also an examiner for a number of examination bodies in the UK, including Academy of Fine Arts London (AOFA) and Oriental Fine Arts Academy London (OFAAL).

Carnatic Vocal – taught by Ramya Tangirala

Ramya Tangirala comes from a well-known family of musicians. Ramya is the grandniece of the legendary musician Sangita Kalanidhi Sri G.N.Balasubramaniam.  Many of Ramya’s students have performed at various music festivals. Ramya teaches vocals online to students all over UK. In 2015, Ramya’s student won the ‘Yogi Maharaj Trophy’ at the Croydon Music Festival, London.

Ramya is a keen painter – in oil,watercolour and Tanjore Art. She has had her art work exhibited in UK. She also plays the Veena.

There are three Carnatic Vocal sessions for beginner and intermediate students and adults. It is an extremely popular art form learnt in India, particularly in the South.  This class introduces students to the concepts of Raga and Tala – the basic fundamental training needed to learn any form of Indian classical music.  Students will also learn about different patterns, rhythms and compositions used in Carnatic music.

Hindustani Vocal & Sing-Along – taught by Vijay Rajput

Dr Vijay Rajput will teach Hindustani Vocal in Art-school. He also will deliver light classical music like Bhajan, Gazal and Bollywood music. Dr. Vijay Rajput, Born in new Delhi, India, Dr. Vijay Rajput started Learning Music at a tender of eight. He acquired his initial training and guidance from Pt. M. G. Deshpande, Pt. VinayChander Mudgal and pt. Madhup Mudgal . Subsequently, he had a rare opportunity to learn for many years under the tutelage of world renowned Bharat Ratna Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Ji. He has acquired M.A., M.PHIL., PH.D.Degrees in Hindustani Classical music from the University of Delhi. As a maestro of khayal style of rendition and an artist of international repute, his performances have mesmerized audiences in India and abroad. He has performed in many national and international Sangeet Sammelans festivals and Mahotsave. He got KALA JYOTHI award in 2010 for his excellent contribution in educating and promoting classical music in the North East of England.of South India.

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