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SAMYO Meets Anjana Rajagopalan

Anjana Rajagopalan is one of the newest team members working with our ensembles, who has travelled all the way from India to work with our young musicians. She is trained in both Western and Carnatic classical vocal music and works primarily with Sabrang, the National Choir for Indian Music, but she has been a positive influence for all of our members too. It is her passion for harmonies that drew her to arranging and composing, and in turn, working with the young vocalists of Sabrang.

Anjana’s interest in experimental Indian music means she has enjoyed working with the ensembles who are known for pushing genre boundaries and expectations. “The students are very receptive and excited when the music touches them”, she said, particularly enjoying the chance to compose and arrange new and edgy music for these young musicians who are excited to try to new things. The music that ensembles create is so unique and it’s something Anjana doesn’t get to experience much back home in India.

Another aspect of the ensembles that Anjana admires is the dedication of the members. “It’s commendable that students from all over the UK travel to be a part of Milapfest events, to learn and nurture their skills”. Anjana loves that working with these young musicians allows her to connect with different kinds of people. As well as being a brilliant tutor for our choir, Anjana finds that she learns just as much from the members as she is able to teach them. “I learn a lot on the job”, she said, “the experience in turn serves as an inspiration to me. I love that about this job”.



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