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Roshni / Sonia Sabri Company

The awe-inspiring Sonia Sabri Company will perform their new work, Roshni (Persian for light or brilliance), a beautifully intimate crafting of dance and live music, transporting and uplifting audiences on a journey of joy. 

In our uncertain world, when everything around us can feel full of pessimism and doubt, Roshni provides us with a ray of light, to put a spring in our step and a warmth in our hearts! World-class artists Sonia Sabri and Sarvar Sabri, alongside an ensemble of skilled musicians, take us on a path to repair and heal. 

The Sonia Sabri Company is a dynamic dance organisation with an established international reputation for presenting Kathak dance in a contemporary context. Through work relevant to modern audiences, the company is inspired by presenting traditional Indian culture in a contemporary setting. 

The production brings together Sonia’s distinctive style of dance, rooted in the traditions of Kathak from Northern India, yet reimagined in the context of her lived British experience. The performance includes diverse musical genres and artists, ranging from South Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, all celebrating the rich diversity of our global community. 



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