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Music for the Mind & Soul – Ramana Balachandran

Ramana Balachandran – Veena
Prathap Ramachandra – Mridangam
Pujenthan Sivagurunathan – Kanjira

Milap’s transcendental Music for the Mind and Soul series returns to the Music Room this Autumn with a Carnatic weekend.

Taking the stage in Liverpool for the very first time, Ramana Balachandran; a child prodigy veena artist from Bengaluru, performs an Indian classical set, interpreting Carnatic (South Indian) ragas with refreshing perspective and unique virtuosity. Balachandran has quickly established himself as a musician with incredible talent and bold creativity, making him one of the most sought-after artists on the scene today.

Balachandran is known to make courageous choices as musician, often choosing the most challenging compositions to perform, along with giving audiences a special experience combining his talents as a vocalist along with his veena. He’ll be accompanied by an ensemble of Indian percussionists.

Ramana is accompanied by two of the UK’s most talented Indian percussionists – Prathap Ramachandra on the double sided mridangam and Pujenthan Sivagurunathan on the Kanjira.

Ramana Balachandran appears courtesy of Darbar Festival.



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