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Music for the Mind & Soul – Flute J.A Jayant

Flute J.A Jayant bamboo flute
Sai Giridhar mridangam
Sumanth Manjunath violin

Join Milap for the second night of Carnatic (South Indian) music as part of their iconic Music for the Mind & Soul concert series.

One of the most sought-after Carnatic flautists of his generation, Flute J.A Jayant – affectionately called Flute Jayant by thousands – is a young musician of national and international repute. With born talent, deep passion, and primordial training, Jayanth gave his maiden solo concert at just seven years old.

Jayant’s unique, virtuoso fingering and flute blowing techniques allow him to present his music beautifully, even in the lower octaves of the bass and double-bass thick-walled bamboo flutes. His expressive, emotion-filled rendering brings out the depth and soul of the lyrical aspects of the compositions he presents, all while maintaining shruthi suddham (perfect pitching) and excellent tonal quality.

Jayant will be joined by world-renowned mridangist Sai Giridhar – no stranger to performing with India’s top Carnatic musicians – and the extremely talented Sumanth Manjunath on violin, son of highly acclaimed musician Mysore Manjunath. The carnatic trio will be performing a selection of much-loved compositions from southern India.