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Milap successful in receiving Arts Council England NPO 2023 – 2026 funding

We are grateful and happy to have received a positive decision today from Arts Council England, and we’ll continue to be part of their National Portfolio from 2023-26. With this support, we will be able to make a strong contribution to Arts Council England’s goals towards building a more creative and cultural country.

Receiving public funding is an important responsibility. It is both thrilling and humbling, as we recognise the role we play in building bridges between people of different backgrounds, supporting artistic development, and helping to improve the lives of everyone we serve. Milap exists to inspire, educate and entertain people of all backgrounds, through Indian arts.

This funding is going to allow us to rebuild an extensive festival, participation and education programme in the Liverpool City Region, one of the world’s great cultural places. It will help us to reconnect and build the careers of musicians and dancers trained in Indian classical arts, through our National ensembles and residency programmes. In addition we will be able to create, support and share more innovative and soulful Indian arts with people throughout England and the rest of the world. 

Thank you Arts Council England!

We are Milap, we are Uniting Hearts Through Arts, and we are here for you!

Look for news about our local, national and international programmes in the coming weeks and months including our National Youth Orchestra for Indian music, SAMYO, Tarang, Summer residency programmes, the National Indian Arts Awards, Indika Festival, Music for the Mind & Soul concerts and Dance India.

Alok Nayak, CEO and Artistic Director of Milap



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