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Lines #2 by Pritpal Ajimal

Providing the ideal festival rest stop for the whole family to be able to enjoy coffee and cake trips in-between festival performances, Milap will partner with coffee shop and roastery experts 92 Degrees – bringing incredible photography and design exhibitions to two of their city centre locations. 

92 Degrees on Hardman Street will host ‘Lines #1’ by DJ and artist Pritpal Ajimal. Ajimal’s designs visually depict the repetition, timing and rhythm demonstrated in the musical rendition of a composition. The basic exercise of Raga Music is to take something simple, and to elaborate and embellish the phrase with rhythmic variations. To tweak this rhythm and beat is to create drama. 

Ajimal takes the skills, concepts and procedures of musical practice and visually spins them on their head. Using repeated geometric lines to map the process of going from simple to complex, and building on each attempt, Ajimal layers colour on the lines themselves and within the background to inform the drama of a particular piece.

The exhibition will open on 23rd October and will run throughout the festival.

Event Details

  • Date

    23 October 2023 / 10:00am
  • Venue

    92 Degrees, 24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX
  • Tickets

    Free • Book Now
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