Uniting Arts through Hearts

Santosh Nair

Dance & Arts School Coordinator

What does a typical day at Milap look like for you?

Learning is the main part of a day in Milap, which is why every day feels new. I work with dance coordinations, dance-related events, Arts School registration, enquiries and parent queries. I work with the Accounts Team to check on payments and student registration, and also plan each term and focus on the smooth-running of the school. I also work in dance-event planning both online and offline.

What is the best thing about working with Milap?

The learning never stops. Working with a team that feels like family, and who are motivated from the same perspective as yourself – that’s a blessing. Being able to openly communicate ideas, feelings, and being heard is a very important aspect of work life as well.

What are your favourite Milap memories?

Dance India, Music for the Mind and Soul and working backstage with the team!

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