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Archana Shastri

Director of Marketing & Communications

What does a typical day at Milap look like for you?

My day usually starts with getting in touch with my marketing and PR team to check in and approve our latest campaign plans, press releases and social media marketing strategy for the weeks and months ahead. I’ll then move on to working with our graphic designer – we always have several bits of artwork in progress simultaneously (leaflets, brochures, social media assets etc) so I need to ensure our branding, messaging, look and overall aesthetic is consistent.

Outlining the brief for anything that needs to be designed and giving final approval for all of this is a big part of my job. I also regularly meet with our Artistic Director / CEO (Alok Nayak) and Head of Programmes & Planning (Pravinder Singh) to brainstorm and plan future programmes, festivals, education work and overall running of the business.

What is the best thing about working with Milap?

Our team is absolutely brilliant to work with – such positive energy and everyone is passionate and cares deeply about the work we’re doing. I also love chatting to the musicians and dancers we invite – you can learn so much about their process and their art even from a short conversation. It’s fascinating and inspires all of us at Milap to do more and share our work with as many people as possible!

What are your favourite Milap memories?

Any of the summers where we had our Summer Schools, Music India and Dance India running simultaneously are always amongst the most memorable – so many students from across the world, amazing and legendary artists and our entire team working day and night for an entire week – so hectic, so exhausting, but completely worth it and so much fun.

A second memory is the entire process of recording and producing the ‘Undone’ album by Tarang. The sounds we created and the boundaries we pushed with that album were absolutely incredible.

A final memory is hosting our own South Asian Music conference, Sangeet Sabha, at the Peepul Centre in Leicester in 2006.

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